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Dr. Rebecca helped our fur baby Kozmo cross over today in peace in our home. I couldn’t have asked or needed anything to be done differently! If I could give her 10 stars I would❤️ highly recommend with no reservations at all! What a beautiful, respectful and comforting experience she provided Kozmo and our family! Thank you Dr. Rebecca❤️❤️🥰

Dave & Stacy K.

When we received the news Mason had an inoperable tumor we were devastated but I wanted to do everything I could to give his remaining days the best quality I could. After a little frustration with his normal vet, I heard about Dr. Goodsell and thought what could be more wonderful than being able to let him cross the rainbow bridge surrounded by his family at his own home? When we first spoke she was so informative and helpful and did not make me feel rushed. She came out to do a hospice consult and I cannot even begin to explain how informative she is. I was struggling with making decisions and she helped me with every decision I had to make and gave me the tools to make those decisions. She went way above and beyond for us, I was told the tumor was inoperable and within a day of me transferring care to her, she had discussed her disagreement with that diagnosis. She gave me options that his old vet did not. Mason was my best friend and losing him hurts but having Dr. Goodsell hold my hand through this is something I will forever be grateful for. She is amazing at what she does, I wish I could give her 100 stars!
Erica R.

Thank you to Dr. Goodsell! You made a very difficult time as good as it could be. Your compassion and caring not only for our good old boy, but our family was so very much appreciated.
Pam S.M.

When it became obvious that our family pet Tyvec was losing his battle with cancer we were heartbroken. Dr. Goodsell from Tranquil Crossings was caring and kind. It was truly a blessing to have her assistance in making sure Tyvec’s passing was elegant and dignified.

If you are reading this because you are mourning, my heart goes out to you…

I sincerely grieve for you and this difficult choice. Please take solace in knowing that you’ve come to the right place today.

Jeremy S.

I highly recommend Tranquil Crossings to anyone that has to make this hard decision for their fur baby. Dr. Goodsell was so compassionate and supportive of our family while we went through the loss of our sweet Ed. She made the whole process so seamless with her great communication and explanation of the process of online consent and payment options.

Ed hated car rides so when it was time for us to say goodbye to him I was very worried about having to take him into the vets office and scare or upset him in his final days. I’m so thankful that I found Tranquil Crossings and had the option to let him stay at home in his comfort zone and with our whole family. Thank you, Dr. Goodsell, for offering this amazing service for our area and for helping us to give Ed the goodbye that he deserved.

Heather R.

It takes a person with a heart of gold to do what Dr. Goodsell does, and that is exactly what we experienced from her today. We knew our best friend of 14 years was getting close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge, but we didn’t expect him to begin the transition as soon as he did. I called Dr. Goodsell in the morning, and she was out within an hour and a half to our home, knowing we had limited time to guarantee him the peaceful death he deserved. She was calming, respectful, and brought a sense of peace that we needed. Afterwards, she took care of the clean-up so that our previous guy could be transported with dignity, and she also took care of the cremation arrangements. It made one of the worst days of our lives a little bit easier for us, and we are forever grateful to Dr. Goodsell.
Chelsey VR

We are deeply grateful to Tranquil Crossings for coming to our home and helping our little grannie girl cross the rainbow bridge. She rescued us 21 years ago and we could not have asked for a better fur baby. The amount of professionalism, gentleness, and sympathy are shown to her exceeded our expectations. The impression of her paw print and the tuft of hair in a jar that was provided is something we will always cherish. It takes a special person to do what you do. Thank you for being there!
Melissa A.

It’s both sad and true that our dogs do not live nearly as long as we wished they would. And the last years can be fraught. We can see what’s coming. All a dog knows is NOW; there is no portent. So, it becomes important that when the time comes we work for a good death at the right time for our beloved companions/friends. …Too soon and we deprive each other of good days and nights. …Too late, and there is suffering, something we surely want to avoid. Left to our own devices and we are likely to wait too long. Perhaps that was the case with our beloved Willow, a sweet red lab, but I hope not. It became clear to me that she suddenly was suffering all the time; there were no more reprieves. I called my trusted vet and asked for help arranging a home euthanasia. That vet gave me a choice of providers. I had the good fortune to call Dr. Goodsell. No, she couldn’t come the day I made the call, but the next day. When she arrived, Dr. Goodsell spent time looking and listening. Then she saw in Willow how this needed to play out…where Willow wanted to be (under a grand piano where she often took in concerts). Carefully, gently Willow walked through that western door. I remain profoundly grateful for her good death at the right time.

David S.

Dr. Goodsell was the best at helping our 19 year old cat Felix cross the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken right now but being able to do this at home under the care of Dr. Goodsell was the best experience. She was very warm and caring, walking you through all the steps and loving up on Felix the whole time. Thank you Dr. Goodsell for the love and care you gave Felix.
Teresa S.

Dr. Goodsell was simply amazing. She was delicate, compassionate, and professional. We knew upon her arrival that our beloved dog Wendy was in good hands and we are so grateful for her care and guidance. Her services included the in-home euthanasia, an impression of our dogs paw, a clipping of our dogs hair beautifully stored in a small glass vile, and she even handled the cremation services for us. We called her on a Monday and she came on Tuesday. Highly Recommend!
Jamie W.B.

Dr Goodsell has been patient as well as empathetic as our family enters these last chapters in our dogs lives. Her knowledge of pain management gave us so much more quality time together and for that I am forever grateful.

It has only been a few days but I want to thank you for helping us lay Rumor to rest in our home. You are an amazing person and it was so helpful to be able to talk about different stories of Rumor with you. It takes a very special person to help people the way you do. You bring so much value to the community and I pray you are treated with the respect and love you deserve as well. Thank you again.

Beth D.

I highly recommend euthanasia for your family pets at home and definitely call Dr. Goodsell at Tranquil Crossing ga when the time has come for that tough decision. She came to our home and helped us let our 16-year-old husky, Pam, go. It’s never easy, but she made it as peaceful as it can be for Pam and us. 💜
Inez M.

I am so grateful to Tranquil Crossings. They made the heart-wrenching decision to put our beloved cat Otis down so much easier. He hated going to the vet and it caused him so much anxiety. I was dreading having to pack him up and bring him there one last time, as it was always so traumatic for him. Being able to allow him to make this journey in his favorite spot in his own home, literally in my arms? Was incredibly comforting to him and me! He went out as peacefully as possible, fully knowing he was loved. I was able to hold him, pet him and love on him the entire time. He was never removed from my sight.

The doctor was incredibly professional, kind, comforting, and compassionate. While this is never something that is easy to do, I would highly recommend this veterinarian and business to others who are contemplating end-of-life options for their pet.

Jennifer R.R.

Dr. Goodsell is an angel on earth. She was attentive, compassionate, and patient when the time came to say goodbye to our fur baby Kira. Dr. Good sell explained the process and gave us time and space to say our goodbyes. She was incredibly professional, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Our girl went over the rainbow bridge in peace and with dignity. Thank you, Dr. Goodsell. I would recommend you to anyone who has to make that decision for their furry loved one.
Rachael K.

Dr. Goodsell was amazing. We had to say goodbye to 2 of our beloved dogs within 2 1/2 weeks. Incredibly heartbreaking. Dr. Goodsell was so kind and compassionate and explained everything thoroughly! Our Summer Girl and then our little Scoutie Boy passed away peacefully in our home with us by their sides talking to them and loving on them. I can never thank you enough, Dr. Goodsell. You were a godsend!
Karla S.B.

I am so thankful Tranquil Crossings was able to come to our house and help us say goodbye to our dog in such a peaceful way. We have small kids and another dog and it was perfect for our family.
Cassie K.

Dr. Goodsell provides wonderful, caring, and compassionate help. I am very grateful for her service and the help she gave our pets and family during this difficult time.
Shelley H.T.

The most compassionate and kind service possible. We can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t recommend any possible better company to call, you were so patient with us & truly helped us all so much through our loss. It truly was tranquil & painless for our pet.
Sarah M.

I can’t say enough good things about dr. Goodsell. She was so understanding and so good with Morgan. Just perfect for what had to be done. Also Jodi lyn Ferguson with clocks timeless pets was very understanding. Thank you both for doing the job you do. A very special person can only do the job as you did. A heart of gold for sure.
Donna S.

We are beyond grateful for Dr. Goodsell and her services. She made a very difficult time much better. I can’t recommend Tranquil Crossings enough. This is absolutely the best way to go when saying goodbye to our fur babies. It was very peaceful for our 15-year-old girl and I am so incredibly thankful for that. Thank you so much! 💚
Jaxx C.

We are very grateful for the guidance and help Dr. Rebecca Goodsell provided when we were faced with the decision to hug our Hank one last time and send him on his final journey. Hank, a 100 lbs red lab who loved nothing more than his family, Thanksgiving dinners, treats, and visiting his friendly neighbors for more treats and hugs, was diagnosed with a cancer tumor on his spleen. Just over 12 years old, dealing with arthritis and getting old, he was suddenly dealing with frequent abdominal pain. After a visit to our veterinarian’s office, we found out that the pain was caused by frequent internal bleeding. With limited options, we were struggling to make a decision on how to move forward. How do you set a date for euthanasia, when he is still that happy gentle giant you love so much? After a first check-up, she helped us put a plan together that took great care of Hank and his humans as well. But when the time came, Dr. Goodsell came to our house after hours and allowed us to be with Hank as he fell asleep peacefully one last time. Dr. Goodsell provided the service with so much love and respect, we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!
Dirk H.

Dr. Goodsell was very compassionate caring for our dog Jake as he made his Tranquil Crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. During this difficult situation, Jake was lovingly cradled in our arms. I would not have wanted this carried out any other way!!
Sherri G.

Dr. Goodsell helped us by doing a phone consult to finally decide it was time to say goodbye to our sweet Aurora, aka roar Kitter aka the roar. She sent us resources for the kids to help them through this hard time and she referred us to a local veterinarian that could do in home euthanasia. It really was a beautiful way to say goodbye. Dr. Goodsell helped guide us through a most difficult time. Thank you for helping us find someone and for the resources you shared. 😽
I highly recommend her services.

Rachael C.

Thank you Dr. Goodsell for coming to our home and the calm, peaceful last moments of our big beloved fur-member of our family. I want to share with you that after you left and everyone had finished saying their goodbye, the family wrapped him in his favorite blanket, my husband lovingly dug the hole, four of the family grabbed a corner of the blanket and gently, lovingly lowered him into his resting place. Then they each put their special thing with him and grabbed a shovel and covered him back up. It was as beautiful and healing as could be. Thank you for setting the pace and most of all for sparing our boy from being in pain for the rest of his days.
Louene H.A.