In-home Hospice Consultations

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In-home Hospice Consultations

Hospice pet care is an approach of care focused on relieving discomfort associable with some underlying illness, disease, or simply just the changes we see with aging. The goal is not to cure the underlying problem, but, rather, to allow your pet to live as gently and comfortably as is possible.

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In-home Hospice Consultations

*Hospice services are limited to a 10 mile radius from Grand Haven* 

While hospice care is focused on our pets, we aim to provide families and caretakers with guidance and preparation for approaching this life transition.

So, when is the right time to initiate hospice care? Hospice consults are for those pets that have been diagnosed or are at a stage in life where we don’t want to cure the disease we want to manage their symptoms to ensure a quality life for their remaining time with you.

Our team will come to your home and take time to go through everything that your pet does in a day and all the struggles or challenges that may exist. Family members that live with the pet and are on the caregiver team are encouraged to be present for the appointment. Upon the doctor’s departure, you will feel confident in how to proceed with your pet’s care and needs. The doctor will also schedule all your follow-up rechecks which will assess how you and your pet are managing.

In-home Hospice Consultation Pricing

Our In-home Hospice Consultation will help you be better prepared for managing your pet’s disease and life transition, keeping their comfort in mind as the utmost priority. The consultation is an hour and a half long and costs $475. Hospice includes weekly check ins over the phone and a 1 month in home recheck.

*any medications, therapy modalities, or laboratory tests are additional fees.